Lithium Battery Solution

Stacked Power system YSLI51.2-100

Stacked Power LiFePO4 51.2V100AH

  • Battery Model: YSLI51.2-100 /51.2V100AH
  • Dimension: 560*508*186mm
  • Battery Weight: 53.5Kg
  • Application: Solar,E-vehiicle,Telecom,UPS etc
  • Battery Voltage Range:51.2V
  • Battery Capacity Range: 100AH-400AH
  • OEM:Accepted
  • Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping port:Shenzhen /Shanghai etc

Description & Features


Stacked low voltage integrated energy storage systems are innovative solutions designed for compact and efficient energy storage applications. These systems utilize a stacked configuration of low voltage batteries to achieve high energy density, scalability, and seamless integration with various power systems.

YSLI-51.2-100 series solar battery storage stacked battery powerwall home battery backup

YSLI51.2-100 is a hybrid off-grid lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery system, 5KW hybrid off-grid inverter with a capacity of 5.12Kwh solar battery storage. It is a stacked battery storage powerwall solution that can be expanded to 60Kwh, YSLI-51.2-100 is a great solution for new installations and adding storage to existing solar systems.


  • Residential Energy Storage
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Management
  • Microgrids and Off-grid Power Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy Integration (Solar, Wind)
  • Emergency Backup Power Solutions


  1. High reliability: stacked lifepo4 battery Home energy storage system adopts high-quality battery components with high safety and reliability.
  2. High flexibility: stacked lifepo4 battery Home energy storage systems can be expanded or upgraded according to actual needs to adapt to changes in household electricity demand, from 5kwh-60kwh.
  3. Integrated design: Energy storage and inverter design to solve the inverter compatibility problem of users
  4. Simple operation: stacked lifepo4 battery home energy storage system has a friendly human-machine interface and intelligent control functions, and is easy to use.
  5. Energy-saving and environmental protection: stacked lifepo4 battery home energy storage system can reduce the family’s dependence on traditional energy sources, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, thus playing an energy-saving and environmental protection role. help families to increase PV self-generation and self-consumption ratio, peak and valley arbitrage, power saving, emergency power and so on. It is the right solution for residential and small commercial storage projects. Configuring energy storage shifts power over time to assist the grid in balancing generating capacity with electricity demand.


Stacked Power system

Stacked low voltage household energy storage
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Stacked low voltage integrated energy storage system


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