Lithium Battery Solution

Wall-mounted Power YW51.2-100

Wall-mounted LiFePO4 51.2V100AH

  • Battery Model: YW51.2-100 /51.2V100AH
  • Dimension: 450*212*591mm
  • Battery Weight: 65Kg
  • Application: Solar,E-vehiicle,Telecom,UPS etc
  • Battery Voltage Range:25.6V/51.2V
  • Battery Capacity Range: 100AH-400AH
  • OEM:Accepted
  • Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping port:Shenzhen /Shanghai etc

Description & Features


Home wall-mounted energy storage batteries, also known as power backup systems or Powerwalls, are innovative solutions designed to store energy, detect power outages, and seamlessly power your home during emergencies. Unlike traditional generators.

These batteries require no maintenance, produce no noise, and consume no fuel, ensuring a quiet and hassle-free experience. When paired with solar energy systems, they can efficiently charge using sunlight, providing continuous power to essential appliances for extended periods, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even during prolonged outages.

Wall-mounted battery application:

  • Home energy storage 
  • PV off-grid backup power
  • Off-island backup power


  1. Iron phosphate lithium power battery
  2. Each module features an independent Battery Management System (BMS)
  3. LCD screen displays various battery statuses
  4. Supports parallel connection for expansion
  5. Ensures safety with lithium iron phosphate technology
  6. Modules are compact and ultralight
  7. Widely applicable in energy storage and power products, including home energy storage systems


Wall-mounted Power Storage

Wall-mounted Power Storage
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