Industrial VRLA Battery

DC12-18 12V18AH

Deep Cycle 12V18AH battery

  • Battery Model: DC12-18 / 12V18AH
  • Dimension: 181*77*167mm
  • Battery Weight: 5.3Kg
  • Application: Solar/ Wind power system etc
  • DC Battery Voltage Range:12V
  • DC Battery Capacity Range: 4AH-300AH
  • OEM:Accepted
  • Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping port:Shenzhen /Shanghai etc

Description & Features


Yotano DC(Deep cycle) series batteries uses a different super-c additives in the positive plates and special AGM separators, The DC series features 30-50% higher cyclic life with 8 years of float life when compared to General Standard Seriese. This series is highly suited for very unreliable power applications requiring the batteries to provide extra cyclic life performance such as PV solar system applications, BTS system, small RE systems and electric vehicles.

DC series battery can be widely used for follows area: 

  • Solar Power System
  • Wind Power System
  • Telecom Power Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Rail Road Utilities
  • Etc


  1. Three years warranty for solar cycle use daily.
  2. Wide Operating Temperature Range From -15C To 55C
  3. 30% longer life than regular AGM lead acid battery.
  4. Longer life and higher stability for deep cycle use.
  5. Use Super-C additives lead plates: Deep discharge recovery capability.


Industrial VRLA Battery – Deep Cycle Series

Industrial VRLA Battery-Deep Cycle Series
ModelRated VoltageRated CapacityTerminalBattery Dimension(mm)Weight (KGS)Spec
(V)(AH)LengthWidthHeightTotal Height±3%PDF
DC12-412V4.0 AHF1/F290701011061.4 KGView
DC12-512V5.0 AHF1/F290701011061.6 KGView
DC12-712V7.0 AHF1/F215165951002.2 KGView
DC12-812V8.0 AHF1/F215165951002.3 KGView
DC12-912V9.0 AHF1/F215165951002.56 KGView
DC12-1212V12.0 AHF1/F215198951003.9 KGView
DC12-1712V17.0 AHL1/M5181761671675.27 KGView
DC12-1812V18.0 AHL1/M5181761671675.5 KGView
DC12-2012V20.0 AHL1/M5181761671675.95 KGView
DC12-2412V24.0 AHL2/M51661751251258.0 KGView
DC12-2612V26.0 AHL2/M51661751251259.0 KGView
DC12-3312V33 AHL3/M619613116116810.6 KGView
DC12-3812V38 AHL4/M619616617617612.5 KGView
DC12-4012V40 AHL4/M619616617617613.2 KGView
DC12-5512V55 AHL5/M622913720521017.2 KGView
DC12-6512V65 AHM635016917917920.4 KGView
DC12-7512V75 AHL5/M626016921321722.0 KGView
DC12-9012V90 AHM6/M830616821121528.2 KGView
DC12-10012V100 AHM832817221822230.2 KGView
DC12-12012V120 AHM840617323723735.5 KGView
DC12-15012V150 AHM848417024024043.0 KGView
DC12-20012V200 AHM852224021822260.5 KGView
DC12-25012V250 AHM852026921922372.5 KGView


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