Security System

Yotano General Standard lead acid battery Series offers a reliable solution for various security systems, including alarm systems, emergency lighting, and UPS etc. The series comprises 4V, 6V, and 12V batteries, with capacities ranging from 0.3Ah to 3000Ah. With its versatile range and dependable performance, Yotano’s General Standard Series battery is well-suited for diverse applications in security and power backup systems.

Energy Storage

Yotano’s lead acid batteries are essential components in energy storage, serving as the backbone of solar and wind power systems. These batteries ensure a steady power supply in challenging environments, supporting the capture and storage of renewable energy. Whether it’s harnessing solar energy during the day or storing wind-generated power, Yotano batteries guarantee uninterrupted energy flow for sustainable and reliable energy solutions.

Yotano’s Gel and deep cycle batteries further enhance energy storage capabilities, particularly for wind and solar power systems. Operating at 12V with a maximum capacity of 300AH, these batteries offer a dependable solution for storing renewable energy, contributing to the advancement of clean and sustainable power generation.

Telecom Systems

Yotano’s lead acid batteries play a vital role in telecommunications, providing dependable power for network infrastructure. Whether enabling connectivity in remote regions or facilitating high-capacity data transmission, these batteries consistently deliver reliable performance, ensuring continuous operation of communication networks. Yotano’s front terminal battery and 2V series battery are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of telecom systems, offering a reliable and efficient power solution for critical telecommunications infrastructure.

Transportation Power

Yotano batteries offer an optimal solution for various transportation needs, including E-bikes, motorcycles, automotive vehicles, and golf carts. In the realm of personal mobility, Yotano batteries ensure smooth and efficient rides, thanks to their quick charging capabilities and long cycle life. Moreover, in the automotive sector, Yotano lead acid batteries remain a cornerstone, powering everything from cars to commercial trucks. Renowned for their reliability, affordability, and compatibility, they stand as a preferred choice for automotive manufacturers globally.

Lithium Battery

Yotano’s LiFePO4 battery solutions represent a cutting-edge approach to energy storage technology, offering seamless integration with solar and wind power systems. These batteries boast high energy density and rapid charging capabilities, optimizing the utilization of renewable energy sources for residential and commercial applications.

Yotano is always focusing on providing solution for Household Energy Storage:

Yotano LiFePO4 batteries enable the storage of surplus power generated by roof-mounted solar panels and other cost-effective sources. This stored energy is then available for peak and emergency usage, powering household appliances, computers, lighting equipment, and more. With Yotano batteries, households can efficiently manage their energy consumption while reducing reliance on traditional grid power sources.