Industrial VRLA Battery

GEL12-70 12V70AH

Gel 12V70AH battery

  • Battery Model: GEL12-70/ 12V70AH
  • Dimension: 260*169*211mm
  • Battery Weight: 22.5Kg
  • Application: Solar/Wind power system etc
  • Gel Battery Voltage Range:2V/12V
  • Gel Battery Capacity Range: 7AH-3000AH
  • OEM:Accepted
  • Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping port:Shenzhen /Shanghai etc

Description & Features


Yotano GEL battery series is pure GEL battery with 15 years floating design life ,it is ideal for standby or frequent cyclic

discharge applications under extreme environments. By using strong grids, high purity lead and patented GEL electrolyte,

GEL series offers excellent recovery capability after deep discharge under frequent cyclic discharge use, and it can offers 2 times cyclic life than the standard series.

GEL Battery Application:

  • UPS Systems
  • Portable Equipment
  • Solar System
  • Wind System
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Telecom Systems
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Etc


  1. Gel electrolyte technology. The uniformly distributed gel electrolyte is made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
  2. Radial grid design offers this power storage device excellent discharge performance.
  3. Outstanding deep cycle service performance and over discharge recovery ability.
  4. Gas recombination technology ensures excellent seal reaction efficiency, 
  5. Gel battery boasts reliable sealing technology which enables security seal performance


Industrial VRLA Battery – GEL Series

Industrial VRLA Battery-GEL Series
ModelRated VoltageRated CapacityTerminalBattery Dimension(mm)Weight (KGS)Spec
(V)(AH)LengthWidthHeightTotal Height±3%PDF
GEL12-3312V33 AHL3/M619613116116810.6 KGView
GEL12-3812V38 AHL4/M619616617617612.5 KGView
GEL12-4012V40 AHL4/M619616617617613.2 KGView
GEL12-5512V55 AHL5/M622913720521017.2 KGView
GEL12-6512V65 AHM635016917917920.4 KGView
GEL12-7512V75 AHL5/M626016921321722.0 KGView
GEL12-9012V90 AHM6/M830616821121528.2 KGView
GEL12-10012V100 AHM832817221822230.2 KGView
GEL12-12012V120 AHM840617323723735.5 KGView
GEL12-15012V150 AHM848417024024043.0 KGView
GEL12-20012V200 AHM852224021822260.5 KGView
GEL12-25012V250 AHM852026921922372.5 KGView
GEL2-2002V200 AHM817311133536512.5 KGView
GEL2-3002V300 AHM817115134036518.8 KGView
GEL2-4002V400 AHM821017533636524.5 KGView
GEL2-5002V500 AHM824017233836529.7 KGView
GEL2-6002V600 AHM8301175.534036536.5 KGView
GEL2-8002V800 AHM840917534036548 KGView
GEL2-10002V1000 AHM847517533736460 KGView
GEL2-12002V1200 AHM847517533736462.5 KGView
GEL2-15002V1500 AHM835333532834785 KGView
GEL2-20002V2000 AHM8490350344383129 KGView
GEL2-30002V3000 AHM8712353341382171 KGView


Factory & Production

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