Motive Power Battery

6-EVF-45 12V45AH

E-Bike Battery 12V45AH

  • Battery Model: 6-EVF-45/ 12V45AH
  • Dimension: 223*121*175mm
  • Battery Weight: 12.4Kg
  • Application: E-bike,E-vehicle.E-scooter etc
  • E-Bike Battery Voltage Range:12V
  • E-Bike Battery Capacity Range: 12AH-65AH
  • OEM:Accepted
  • Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping port:Shenzhen /Shanghai etc

Description & Features


Yotano E-bike series batteries is lead acid battery, The rated capacity is range from 12Ah to 65AH. The battery capacity is normally based on 2 hour rate and 3 hour rate. 

Yotano E-bike batteries are known for their relatively low cost with reliable quality compared to other battery types,  Although heavier and have a lower energy density. However, they remain a popular choice for e-bikes due to their ability to provide the necessary power for electric propulsion at a more affordable price with better safety, stability.


  1. Yotano E-bike battery series utilize an AGM separator of uniform thickness, tightly adhered to the plates to prevent active material shedding. This reduces concentration polarization, extends the e-bike battery discharge duration, and enhances the travel range.
  2. With a fully sealed and leak-proof structure, the batteries are free from leaks and can be installed in any orientation (excluding inversion), ensuring consistent battery capacity.
  3. Yotano e-bike batteries have been enhanced with improved conductive materials to minimize water loss under high pressure during charging, lower internal resistance, and maintain stable capacity at low temperatures without any decline. These improvements result in a 20% increase in winter travel range and a 5% boost in overall battery capacity, enabling extended travel distances.


Motive Power Battery – E-Bike Series

Motive Power Battery-E-bike Series
ModelRated VoltageRated CapacityTerminalBattery Dimension(mm)Weight (KGS)Spec
6-DZM-1212V12 AHScrew151100954.25 KGView
6-DZM-2012V20 AHScrew180761686.5 KGView
6-DZM-2012V20 AHScrew180761686.8 KGView
6-DZM-2012V20 AHScrew180761687.0 KGView
6-DZM-3212V32 AHScrew256781709.0 KGView
6-DZM-3512V35 AHScrew268771709.6 KGView
6-DZM-3812V38 AHScrew22310717510.7 KGView
6-DZM-4512V45 AHScrew22412217112.12 KGView
6-DZM-5012V50 AHScrew22512317012.9 KGView
6-DZM-5812V58 AHScrew22414517115.2 KGView
6-DZM-6212V62 AHScrew22515017216.08 KGView
6-DZM-6512V65 AHScrew22316517016.6 KGView


Factory & Production

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